Dementia Friends


According to current statistics there are 850,000 people in the UK with dementia and two-thirds of these people are living in the community rather than in care homes. This means that for people with Dementia, they need the help and support of local communities and businesses to ensure they can maintain a good standard of living.


Recently we have signed up to the scheme to help our employees become more dementia aware as part of the Alzheimer’s Society nationwide initiative.


All team members took part in a presentation where they learned key facts about the illness, performed tasks and were asked to consider how they could turn their understanding into action in the community.


Being able to recognise the signs of dementia is very important when we are interacting with our customers and working to keep them safe.


It’s great that we can spread this awareness to younger members of the our team and the wider community.

Calum, one of our supervisors, said: “It has completely changed my perception of dementia and widened my understanding of the issues.”

The Alzheimer’s Society’s goal is to make four million people Dementia Friends by the year 2020 to help vulnerable people.

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